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20G Hemianthus Micranthemoides

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Use in Aquascaping: Even for a stem plant, this species is extremely versatile. Trimmed short, it makes a nice foreground plant in medium or large aquaria and it can even be carefully cultivated in order to form a carpet on the ground of the aquarium. When left a little larger, visually impressive bushes can be formed in the mid ground. The small leaf size is also well suited for nano aquariums, where it can be pruned for use in the fore-, mid-, or background.

Propagation: The plant will easily flower in the emersed state, but as with most all stem plants, vegetative propagation is easiest. Simply snip off pieces of the stems and group several together, burying them partially in the substrate. The original plants will respond with bushier growth, and the new plants will rapidly take root, soon developing new growth as long as the conditions are correct for the plant.


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