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Alder cones

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The alder cones contain natural tannins and a host of beneficial trace elements which have an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effect. They also have an effect on pH, lowering it slightly if large amounts of cones are used but since the concentration of tannins differs from cone to cone they are generally not used exclusively to reduce pH.

Alder Cones:

·         Promote the vitality and well-being of your shrimps

·         Natural coloring of the water-indispensable for many species

·         Slight decreasing and stabilization of the pH value

·         Gentle repression of unwanted bacterial growth

·         Blocks fungi to prevent fungal infections and infestation of spawn

·         Willingly accepted as additional feed and hide out by shrimps, crabs



Put the Alder Cones directly into the aquarium water. 1 cone is sufficient for approx.10-20 liters. The cones will sink to the aquarium bottom within a few minutes and start releasing their active agents soon. The Alder Cones should be replaced every 2-3 weeks. The used cones may stay in the aquarium as additional fee for crabs and shrimp


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