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3 x Assassin snails

3 x Assassin snails

Care Level: Moderately Difficult
Water Conditions: PH 6.5-7.5 and Moderately Hard to Very Hard
Temperature: 65-77 °F (18-25 °C)
Maximum Size: 3 inches (7.5 cm)

An assassin snail’s natural diet is mainly composed of other species of snails and worms, though they are also opportunistic feeders. They will eat almost anything that they can scavenge, and this includes decomposing fish and other small invertebrates.

Because of their varied diet, they are very easy to feed in the home aquarium. If there is a significant snail population in their tank, then there is often no need to feed them at all.


Assassin snails have defined males and females, and are not hermaphroditic like many other snails. It is nearly impossible to sex these snails, so if you are planning to breed them, a minimum of six individuals should be introduced to ensure an adequate mix of the sexes.


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