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10 x Blue Jelly Shrimp

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The colour in both males and females is translucent blue and varies slightly in intensity. They help to keep your tank clean of uneaten food and algae. They are adaptable to wide range of water parameters, look amazing and have interesting personality.

Appearance: Light ocean blue, dark blue appearance, depends on mood and food fed.

Feeding: Omnivore with majority of vegetable content. Overfeeding of protein can cause health issue. Shrimp will feed on tank algae, Algae wafers and almost anything thrown to aquarium.

Breeding: If water conditions are good shrimp will breed readily when matured (3-4 months old). Shrimp will carry around 20-30 eggs for around 30 days of gestation period. After this period fully developed shrimplets are released.

Tanks mates: Very small fish or shrimp of similar size. Mixing with other neocaridinia will deliver mixed offspring and is not recommended. Can be mixed with any Caridina sp. without producing mixed offsprings.

Selling Size: ~10-15mm

Sex: Various (buy few to get various gender)

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I cannot deliver on weekends. Please keep in mind that I'm sending shrimps from Monday to Thursday Only!

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