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10 x Carbon Rili Shrimp

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Common Name: Carbon Rili Shrimp
Scientific name: Neocaridina Heteropoda Var.
Origin: Taiwan

Water parameters: 19-26C Degrees, PH Range 6.5-8, TDS 100-200

Temperament: Omnivore/Non aggressive
Breeding: Extremely Easy
Difficulty: Extremely Easy


Diet: Scavenger that feeds continually.  Requires very little feeding in a well-established aquarium containing algae, biofilm, or decaying plant matter.  In less mature aquariums, high quality dry foods with high plant content can be fed multiple times daily

Social behavior: Peaceful.  A small group can continually replenish and grow its population

Selling Size: ~10-15mm

Sex: Various (buy few to get various gender)

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I cannot deliver on weekends. Please keep in mind that I'm sending shrimps from Monday to Thursday Only!


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