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10 x Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS) Grade "AS"

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Selling Size: ~10-15mm

Sex: Various ( buy few to get various gender)
Water Parameters in breeding tank: pH 6.4-6.6; gH 3-5; kH 0; TDS 100-120
Breeding: The Crystal Red Shrimp is not as difficult of a species to breed like some belief. Like all hobby shrimp, the Crystal Red Shrimp can breed just as readily as most other Caridina species. The babies of the Crystal Red Shrimp are colored just like their parents just after hatching. However, the grading of the offspring cannot be performed until they grow more. You will see the red/white coloration in the Crystal Red Shrimp Offspring but not any detailed features/patterns which can differentiate between grades.
 Feeding: The Crystal Red Shrimp is not too different from other algae eating shrimps. It is a scavenger and an algae eater. Feeding is best done once a day. Only feed an amount of food that the shrimp can finish within 2-3 hours maximum. It is not good to feed in excess and have food sitting for too long. Overfeeding is a known cause of death and can also cause water quality issues.

You must be present for the first shipping delivery. In the rare case of any dead on arrival, you need to take a digital picture of the dead shrimp with the plastic bag still sealed, within 30 minutes of delivery. Refunds will be given minus postage costs to us. 

  You need to take a picture of the bag next to the shipping label on the box. We apologize for the overly cautious act but we have been defrauded before.

I cannot deliver on weekends. Please keep in mind that I'm sending shrimps from Monday to Thursday Only!



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