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1 x 3 x Mineral Balls for Shrimp 20mm Size 3 x Mineral Balls for Shrimp 20mm Size

1 x Planaria trap Planaria trap

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Mulberry dried leaf for shrimp

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Quantity: aprox: 70 leaf/100g

Natural supplement food for shrimp, micro plankton, snails and other aquatic animals. Contains high level of vitamins and minerals.


·         an excellent source of natural food for shrimp

·         high in carbohydrate, fibre, vitamins and minerals

·         helps to maintain shrimp exoskeleton

·         aids the moulting process.


Instruction for use: Recommended dosage depends on the population number of shrimp in the aquarium. Don't overfeed. It may float before sinking. In order for the process to go quicker, pour the product with boiling water in a separate dish. After it cools off, add it to the aquarium. Use alternative foods to complete the diet. 



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