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15 x Red cherry shrimp~Great Algae Eater~UK breed~

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Neocaridina davidi var. cherry shrimp

General Water Parameters

pH Range: 6.2-8.0

Temperature Range: 20 - 25

 GH Range: 4-10

 KH Range: 3-10

 TDS Range: 150-25

Life Span: 1-2 years

 Gestation Period: 30 day

Selling Size: ~10-15mm

Sex: Various (buy few to get various gender)

You must be present on the first shipping delivery. In the rare case of any dead on arrival, you need to take a digital picture of the dead shrimp with the plastic bag still sealed, within 30 minutes of delivery. Refunds will be given minus postage costs to us. 

  You need to take a picture of the bag next to the shipping label on the box.  We apologize for the overly cautious act but we have been defrauded before.



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