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Salvinia Natans

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Plant Family: Salviniaceae

Common Name: Floating watermoss, Floating Moss

Height: 1-3 cm

Width: 5-10+ cm

Temperature: 12-30°C

GH: 4-20 dH

PH: 5.5-8

Light: Medium – High 

Growth Rate: Medium – Fast

Demands: Easy

Description: Salvinia Natans is a free-floating aquatic fern distributed throughout the warmer parts of Europe and eastern Asia. Each plant has three leaves- two floating, and one submersed. The floating leaves are elliptical to ovate with dense stiff hairs on the upper surface. The submerged leaves are finely dissected and serve as nutrient absorbing organs. Under appropriate conditions, S. natans will multiply very quickly, so frequent harvesting is often necessary to manage the amount of surface cover. Liquid fertilisation and strong lighting are required for good growth. It is beneficial to leave a reasonable sized gap between the light source and the water’s surface to allow for adequate ventilation and thus preventing damage to the leaves. Can be used in outdoor ponds, but it is not frost-hardy and must be over-wintered inside. The trailing roots provide an excellent hiding place for tiny fry. Propagated easily from fragmented shoots. PORTION SIZE: 7cm x 7cm


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