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10 x Yellow fire Sakura

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pH level range: 6.4 to 8.0

·         Temperature range: 65° to 80° F

·         Water type: kH 0-10; gH 4-14; TDS 80-200


 They have only recently begun to be widely bred, making appearances in the aquarium hobby in the early 2000's. They have become very popular among aquarium and dwarf shrimp hobbyists due to their bright coloration, hardiness, and ease of breeding. Their behavior and care requirements are about the same as Red Cherry shrimp, and they are suitable for beginning hobbyists.


Selling Size: ~10-15mm

You must be present for the first shipping delivery. In the rare case of any dead on arrival, you need to take a digital picture of the dead shrimp with the plastic bag still sealed, within 30 minutes of delivery. Refunds will be given minus postage costs to us. 

  You need to take a picture of the bag next to the shipping label on the box.  We apologize for the overly cautious act but we have been defrauded before.

I cannot deliver on weekends. Please keep in mind that I'm sending shrimps from Monday to Thursday Only!


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